December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

We wish you and your loved ones a very very Merry Christmas! 
This year has been one that has had me on my knees in prayer over and over again. For many different things! May you, too, be reminded of the NEED for our Savior and all his love and grace and peace and JOY he brings. Isn't is SO easy to feel like you don't NEED God? To go along through life thinking YOU create the joy in your life? May 2015 bring you to your knees and rest in HIS love, above all else. We are all just the same ragamuffins...let's PRAISE his name, and only his name, this Christmas and fall to our knees in thanks. Without his grace, we would ALL be lost. He's crazy in love with each and every one of us, even if you don't believe. The birth of baby Jesus has changed my life...forever. May you stop trying to handle everything on your own, and know that no matter what...YOU. ARE. LOVED. 

Merry Christmas...and Happy Birthday Jesus!

A HUGE hug to Jasmyn who has once again impressed me with her talent. She gave us over 100 edited photos and the photoshoot literally took 15 minutes. THANK YOU, sweet friend of mine. 

Contact her...she's amazing (and super fun to work with)!


  1. I love this style of Christmas shoot. You guys have so many great pictures. I think I will do a Christmas card photoshoot at a tree farm next year. I hope your family had a great Christmas. It was my son's first Christmas this year which made it extra special. I just post his first Christmas blog update and it would mean so much if you checked it out. I started blogging about my pregnancy after I stumbled across your blog over a year ago and you inspired me to start blogging. I am also a runner and I am thinking of trying my first triathlon soon.

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