July 31, 2015

July Favorites

July Favorites

Hey Hey!

These are a few of my FAVORITES this month!

1. Rainbow FlipFops: I was desperate for a new pair and I finally splurged. Now that they have finally formed to my feet, I'm obsessed! They run true to size.

2. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! By Denise Duffield-Thomas. My book list is quite extensive this summer. is one of my current financial reads and I am completely smitten with the author. It's all about dreaming's a great place to learn, laugh, and get motivated. She also provides free templates for us who need some financial 101. Wink wink. I love her podcast, too!

3. Ello BPA Glass Water Bottle. Okay, this is for my fellow oil lovers! Glass water bottles are great when using oils, easy to clean, and BPA free. I usually use lemon and peppermint in my water. This specific one isn't too expensive and I love it! Also it has a wide-mouth opening so it is easy to fill with ice and clean.

4. Green Vibrance. BY FAR one of my favorite purchases. This is not cheap, but will last forever. You guys...I mix it in my protein shakes and it's soooooooo good for you! Even Ireland drinks it which makes me sooooo happy that she's getting a TON of GREEN in her diet. It's worth the money. For sure. It's a great way to get your probiotics AND superfoods but make sure you store it in the freezer!

5. Podcasts on your phone. I'm HOOKED. Podcasts have basically been my form of summer school. Lately I've been listening to mostly financial and blogging podcasts but I've also listened to topics I know nothing about. Seriously, find the little purple app on your iPhone and thank me later. Mamas, this is a great way to expand your mind while washing dishes or folding laundry. It's amazing the content that is out there...just waiting for your brain!

6. MAC Brown Border eyeliner. This goes down in my all time favorites... I ran out and thought I'd try a Target eyeliner to save some moolah. It was a wasted effort because after a few short days I realized it's just not the same. It lasts all day and it's dark enough to stand out but its more warming than black. I find I use it for day OR win!

7. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. My mom gave this devotional book to me and I like it because it's short but rich with encouraging words. This one has the journal option with it and we all know writing can be quite cathartic. It's a go-to to work on my spirituality everyday all year long. It's also a great gift to give to someone!

8. Lash Factory Fiber Lash Mascara. If you're lucky enough to have short lashes like'll LOVE this stuff. Super easy to use and makes a drastic difference compared to normal mascara. Bring on the long lashes!

9. Babyganics Sunscreen: Little mama and myself have spent many days at the pool this month. There are many great natural sunscreens out there and this happens to be the one I use. It's a bit cheaper than the Honest Brand. Which one do you choose for your littles?

10. Naked Whey: Okay my friends. As you know, I eat completely gluten-free and almost always a paleo diet. After much much research I am SOOOOOO pleased with this protein powder. It's a HUGE tub...and it only has ONE ingredient! It is grassfed whey protein and the taste is super yum and creamy. You can also bake with it! It's expensive but it will last forever and I even give it to Ireland. It's CLEAN, which is hard to find when it comes to protein powders. The powder is really fine and it has no tastes a lot like creamy milk which I love because I can turn it into vanilla with extract or chocolate with cacao nibs! It's paleo and GF approved and clean clean clean. YUM.

That's a wrap! What have been your monthly faves?! I'd love to hear!


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  1. I have been loving L'oreal Professional primer and style extender spray for my hair . It really speeds up drying and leaves it feeling so soft .My other favorite is time alone .We are always on the go , especially now since my daughters wedding is a week from tomorrow .I am also babysitting all 4 grandkids .Any time alone is heaven to me right now because it is so rare .