September 3, 2015


Self-talk. Sometimes I cringe at the words because I know I'm guilty of such crappy self-talk.

We. are. so. hard. on. ourselves. 

It's the silliest and most sure way to be unhappy, destructive, and bored with life. 

I was scrubbing my oven last night while listening to a podcast on this very issue. 

A question that stood out was "Are you living your life like you give a damn?".

Well, are you?

Self talk is a HUGE opportunity to improve yourself. HUGE, I tell ya. 

I always assumed women were the key culprits in this issue, but I was totally wrong. HUMANS are incredibly talented at hating themselves. 

For me, it created awareness to the specific areas that I'm most hard on myself. Being aware is so powerful because often self-talk is wired, habitual, routine, and comes as natural as breathing. It's our belief about ourselves that doesn't require effort. Why do you think there is an art to self-love?

Because we don't do it. As a culture, we don't love ourselves well and with intention. We are totally okay and comfortable with bashing on ourselves. WTF is wrong with us?

That's great that you know how to love others...but you will NEVER fully give and offer the most sacred love to someone if you don't admire and adore YOURSELF, first.

It starts with being aware. 

You practice self-love by being intentional and celebrating yourself. Talk nicely. Truly admire and expand on your god-given gifts and talents. Set attainable goals, read inspiring text, practice asking better questions, and be proud of who are YOU. You are meant to be WHO YOU ARE. Keep working on YOU and YOU will become powerful. 

Your mind is a POWERFUL tool that only a God as creative as he could create. What you focus on YOU WILL CREATE. In all things...focus on gratitude. 

If you long for more joy, for a better outcome, for more abundance in your life: love yourself. God created you to LOVE and he wants nothing more than for us to live in abundance. Abundance is EVERYWHERE around us.

Do you see it?

You are wickedly and wildly extraordinary. 


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