September 16, 2015

What is your dream-come-true-life?

When is the last time you actually consciously gave yourself permission to DREAM of things you want?
I’m not talking small dreams…I’m talking BIG DREAMS. 
Dreams that stretch you so far beyond your comfort zone…dreams that you’ve been telling yourself are 
never possible.

What is your dream-come-true life?

Have you EVER asked yourself that?
 Are you scared to ask yourself that because you are currently living in a nightmare and you don’t want to admit that you’re your living a less than satisfying life? Bored? Depressed? Insecure? Angry? Feel like the victim? People-pleaser?

Hmmm…sounds painfully familiar. 

Let me tell you…YOU are the only one choosing your mindset.
I know…appears sucky, right?
Doesn’t it seem easier when you can think of 5,643 different reasons for why life is shitty?
Doesn’t blaming seem much easier?
Doesn’t caring what people think appear like the right thing?

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a waste of energy…energy that on the other side of the fence lies POWER, bravery, forgiveness, grace, courage, confidence, and FREEDOM. You get to choose how you show up every day, everywhere, and with EVERYONE.

If you are not satisfied in your life…point the finger at YOU.

If you believe freedom is a tangible outcome, how honest and self-aware are you willing to be?

It doesn’t mean you have to walk out on your current life…it just means you are willing to be present and ALIVE in your current life. It means you are right on the edge of offering your BEST self to YOU, God, your partner, your children, your family, your friends. 
It means you are exhausted with saying you can’t while granting yourself permission to sing songs of praise that you WILL. I’m here to be your cheerleader telling you this: 


It’s time you wake up, cut the bullshit lies, and start DREAMING.

Here’s a taste of vulnerability for you. I felt on fire during the summer. I had TIME, energy, space, freedom while on summer break. Although I still found myself busy, I was present and awake…dreaming and visualizing like crazy and REALLY enjoying the practice of thinking BIG and taking care of myself.

Then, school started. Single parenting and full-time teaching just about chewed me up and spit me out. All the while, I desired the energy to write, pray, connect, dream, meditate, visualize, write goals, exercise, and travel. Before I knew it, I was rapidly sliding in to old habits of blame, exhaustion, impatience, and stress.

I cried more. I slept less. I ate more. I dreamt less. I feared. I felt insecure. I prayed without feeling.
I was saying yes to thoughts and habits that were silently robbing me of the JOY. I stopped dreaming and found it almost impossible to even consider. I was more emotional, dehydrated because I wasn’t taking care 
of myself, and all in all…surviving. Just surviving.

Surviving is NOT a lifestyle I want.

Guess who has the power in changing my fears to gratitude? Me.
Guess who has the power in changing my nightmares to dreams? Me.
Guess who has the power to take care of my body? Me.
Guess who has the power to change anger into forgiveness? Me.
Guess who has the power to go to bed earlier? Me.
Guess who has the power to grow and expand through podcasts, books, and webinars? Me.
Guess who has the power in being creative? Me.
Guess who has the power to CHOOSE FREEDOM rather than emotional suffocation? Me.
Guess who has the power in creating a LIFE and LIFESTYLE that I thrive in? Me.
Guess who has the power to ask what is serving me and what isn’t? Me.
Guess who has the power to stand calmly in the eye of the storm? Me.
Guess who has the power to cultivate my relationship with God? Me. 
Guess who has the power to dream and live a life worth dreaming about? ME!!!

We are all in this together. Life gets wild, but, what are you doing to reel yourself back in? What are you doing to REALLY madly, truly, deeply KNOW yourself and better yet…LOVE yourself?

Here is your homework.


What do you want your life to look like? What is your dream lifestyle like? THINK BIG. Channel your inner kid and dream of what you want. Get intimate with yourself. You have to know your dreams to focus on them. The more you focus on your dreams, the more you will start creating the HOW. Honestly, just the dreaming part feels really incredible. In my experience…dreaming alone brought a sense of satisfaction and hope to my world.
It won’t solve all your problems…but what if you stop viewing them as problems? What if you start relishing in the enjoyable task of dreaming? Dream job. Dream relationships. Dream vacation. Dream friendships. Dream spirituality. Dream body. Dream parenting.

When is the last time you’ve taken inventory of your truest desires? Tough question, right?

Picture it so vividly that you can actually feel it. What does that feel like to be told you’ve got the job? Or to be sitting in a hut in Bali? Or to pay off your debt? Or to quit your job? Or to be setting goals or laughing your tushy off with your loved one?

Dream what you want. Daily. What does that feel like?

I feel on fire, again, because I woke the f*** up and started investing in myself. You know why that feels so good? Because I’m actually getting to KNOW myself. I’m becoming more of the woman I want to be while working to offer the best KATIE to those who I surround myself with.  Truthfully, dreaming is just one small 
element to thriving…but it’s one we stuff so far down we don’t even know its dying to surface.

It really is a cycle. If you pour into yourself…you make better choices. You own your story. You recognize you are flawed and always will be flawed yet still practice grace during refinement. You learn to operate from a standpoint of love, understanding, and hope. 

THAT is powerful.
THAT is freedom. 
THAT is the life I’m choosing to create.

We have one life.

How are you showing up for the one life you've been given?

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