October 12, 2015

Turning around our thoughts!

Ireland's new favorite show is Daniel Tiger. It's actually a very cute and teaches some great life lessons.

The problem is, I find myself getting the little jingles stuck in my head ALLLL DAYYY.

"When you feel sad, turn it around...and find something good."

As I was doing the mundane, this little phrase was in my head...I had never really realized the meaning behind it!

I wish I learned practiced the whole idea of a turnaround earlier in life. Listen...what we focus on expands. If we are always focused on what we are worried, fearful, sad, or lonely about...IT WILL GROW.

STILL feeling sad, lonely, and depressed? NEWS FLASH! You are growing these thoughts and creating the feeling about those thoughts. Hate to break it to you but you are a MASTER at expanding your sucky thoughts....and you don't even know it. How is it working for you?

Don't feel so bad...I'm right there with you. You see, this is a habit of ours. I'll easily call it a BAD habit.

It's dangerous...and we don't have to operate this way. In fact, it can and will sabotage your relationships, self love, and overall wellness.

Our mind is our delicate garden and how we spend our thoughts makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of our minutes, hours, days, and YEARS.

Right now, I want you to be vulnerable enough to think of an area you are feeling icky about. Is it your love relationship? The direction your life is going? Your job? Your friendships? Your body image? Your finances? Your overall life situation? Depression? What is that pit in your stomach?

Write it down. "I feel icky about ________." the turnaround. Find something good. In every situation...there can be something good. This takes practice...if you want to change your life and be are going to have to practice this. Find the good. It's there. If you are still struggling, go back to the place you once FELT great about that specific thing. What was so great about it? How did it FEEL? Be thankful for that feeling, person, or situation.

FOCUS on the TRUE feeling of goodness...not the terrible feeling of sadness. LIFE CHANGING.

Okay. Now I want you to write about 3 blissful moments in your life. It can be anything! These are your anchors. For example...the European vacation, your wedding day, the day you landed your dream job. We all have really happy moments in life. What are yours? How did that FEEL? Go back to the details...the smells, people, emotional and physical feelings, weather, environment. Focus on the detail.

These are used for when you need a quick shift of thought. Go back to your happy place and stay there. Sounds hokey willing are you to change your thoughts?

1. Listen to the bad thought. What triggered it? Do you want to feel that way?
2. Choose and say out loud...I'm not going to let this bother me in this moment any longer.
3. Find something good.
4. Use your anchor thoughts, if needed.
5. Show gratitude.

Gratitude has been HUGE for me. No one is going to come save you or sprinkle happy pixie dust over your head.

You have complete control of "When you feel sad, turn it around, find something good."

You do realize that YOU are the one gripping on to those thoughts and feelings, right? Literally, loosen your grip and surrender. Picture yourself letting go of the control and CHOOSE better. You deserve that, and so does everyone else around you. Truly.

Brene Brown uses the term victim vs. viking.

Let me tell you...being a viking is MUCH more free.

Just. Let. Go.

You CAN do this. Just try.

Daniel Tiger knows what's up!!!