December 1, 2015

...and the story continues.

Drum roll please...a special someone is making his debut on ze blog...

Several months ago this man unexpectantly walked in my life at a time I needed it the most. The truth is, I didn't need HIM, I needed myself back. Katie was gone and God so timely dropped this perfectly flawed human into my world to be a teacher...

You see, he taught me the importance of being whole, loving myself, and loving what is. He's taught me how to pull out lessons out of everything, shift my thinking, and release control. He walked me through the importance of owning my story and dreaming BIG. All because of his own courage to own and love his personal journey, and more so, his vulnerability in sharing it. 

This man, this gentle lion-brainiac-conscious-witty-vulnerable-sarcastic-passionatly spirited MAN, didn't save me. I saved myself and he has just had, has, a front row seat. He was an answered prayer in the form of a completely unexpected gift.

To be honest, there aren't enough words to describe all that I've learned through our rich conversations and practicing of self-care and self-love. We stand alone, yet walk together. That's pretty damn wonderful if you ask me. It's a continuous enjoyable process of two flawed humans growing, learning, healing, and being present. Oh, and having a shit ton of fun. 

Together, we have cautiously and with vulnerability opened our hearts again. It's been frighteningly liberating. 

Who knew you could openly mourn and build at the same time? 

I didn't want it. I feared it. I wished it away at one point. Protection of my heart is an understatement, but, MY GOODNESS I'm so thankful for him, this experience, this growth, this FUN, this freedom, and the everyday practice of simply being a better and stronger version of ka ka ka katie. 

You guys...I am thankful for my story, and I'm not sure I ever believed I would be. 

How cool is God and the way he works? He's working even during the darkest seasons. 

It brings me to a puddle of tears, a hopeful place for Ireland and I. 

You know what's exciting? I've learned how quickly life can turn. I've learned that everything in life is temporary...the only constant is YOU. I don't have answers for my future or my past and FOR ONCE I understand that is just okay. I can practice being present and THAT is all I need. 

Can I hear an amen?!

My friends, I must admit, this takes a tremendous amount of courage to open up so publicly. Why? Because we fear rejection, what people think and feel, and ultimately the uncertainty. I can't deny the existence of those thoughts but I can profess the liberation in staring down the annoying debilitating fears. It feels WONDERFUL! 

I'm not a fortune teller of my future. I'm just a teller of what is serving me. I'm not promising to share my whole life, love relationships, and ups and downs, but when it feels's right. 

Katie is back! This time okay with my imperfections and a deeeeeeep understanding that our stories are insanely purposeful, even at the cost of heartbreak and the work of heart healing. 

I'm thankful for the ability to feel. The opportunity to be brave. The continuous opportunity to choose gratitude over fear. For a God who aches when we ache and who is holding us even when we don't believe it. 

My story isn't never is! For now, I'm basking in the belief that there is hope and that there always was. Even on the days that are STILL dark. I'm a work in progress and I'm totally okay with it. 

I live to tell an everlasting story of hope, grace, human connection, refinement, and self-love. 

You see, our stories are perfectly imperfect. Are you okay with that?

What's your story and where are you in it? 

xo, k

I couldn't resist the shirtless picture...I mean c'mon! {insert heart eyes here!}


  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep living & keep loving, Katie!!!


  2. Well, it is really very nice to see so much love. I must say that people in relationship must learn some love from here. You are a very lovely couple and I wish all the love and only love to you.

  3. Sending you Prayers and many wishes of happiness to my have talked to on FB ,internet friend and even we haven't met that I how I feel about you .

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