January 6, 2016

How are you juggling the tension in your world?

I have 18 minutes before I have to get ready for work! Let's do this!

When life throws me some curveballs my natural reaction is to hurt, cry, and be mad. As I feel I have reason to feel all of these emotions and as I practice leaning into they serve me?

Do those feelings serve you?

After a rich conversation with my medicine woman (not really just a spiritual gangster of a friend), she said this:

"Allow this to open you up and look at the patterns that are still making you feel less than the beautiful light that you are."

For all of us walking this earth we have patterns that we aren't conscious of. They spiral us into this toxic belief system of ourselves over and over and over again. 

When something causes us pain or stress it triggers a deeeeeeeeeeeep core FEAR. After some research I discovered the most common fears are:

abandonment, loss, change, inadequacy, intimacy, success, failure, being alone.

Most people find comfort in those feelings. Why? Because they happen without US having to think...its what we have wired ourselves for. It's a cycle of painful event, blame, suffering, then hoping time will heal.

PEOPLE! This is not okay! Let's ACTUALLY turn the light bulb on...and THINK. Thinking is crazy powerful and legit medicine for the soul.

So I ask...what are the CORE WOUNDS within you? When things hurt or upset you...DO NOT think of anyone but yourself.


What is bubbling in YOU that this is making you so upset? Which one of these is the REAL reason you are aching?

abandonment, loss, change, inadequacy, intimacy, success, failure, being alone.

THAT is where you do the work. THAT is where you think, process, and create. THAT is where you begin to step OUT of the zone of unconscious living and INTO a new vibrant world of consciousness.

I assure you, when you practice this, your awareness will triple. The hurt and stress and tension in your life will massively decrease. WHY? Because you've now changed your mantra, cycle, and awareness of human behavior. You're owning your heart, soul, and mind and working on YOU. The cycle now can be painful event, awareness of the real fear which is at the root of the pain, doing the work, extracting a lesson, and creating a better, more stable, more wise, more confident, HEALTHY actions and healing.

Um....YES PLEASE. Oh, and did I mention a faster process and WAYYYY less tension in your life?

It's possible you think this is a bunch of BS...totally understandable.

Be brave enough to look at the dark within you; with very little awareness you have the power to shift from dark to beautifully bright.

So next time something as little as bothers you, ask yourself WHY.

It's that simple.

OH, and Happy New Year my people. I sure love you!

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