April 25, 2016

Lewis Howes and Tony Robbins ---> BLESSING OTHERS

Heyyy-o! I'm still here! Man. it feels good to write again. Let's dive in!

Alright. So I sat on my couch, drank some bulletrpoof coffee, and my ears were blessed with a lovely podcast. Y'all know I love me some podcasts!

Ever heard of Tony Robbins? PLEASE tell me you have. IF not, well, no comment. Hehe. In other words, WAKE UP and smell the personal development coffee! Like really...

Alright, so my dude Lewis Howes (wishful thinking!) interviewed Tony Robbins and here's the cliff notes, or should I say, the JUICE I got from it. Yum yum to my soul, for she was a THIRSTY little one. 

"When you keep asking yourself, 'why isn't is working?', ask 'how do I give more'? 

(WHOA. TIME OUT. Did I do the punctuation right on that? Someone google it and let me know. ha! GRACIAS). 

Gee whiz he makes it sound SO EASY. He continued to talk about how we bless others. This guy is loaded with money, getting pulled in every which direction, mentoring presidents, celebrities, and big deal people. THIS IS WHY!

He emphasized GIVING so dang much. Giving doesn't mean money, rather, how are you BLESSING people, DAILY?

You, yes you, have gifts. Gifts, talents, really good shit inside you. What are you doing with it DAILY to serve others? To bring that smile? To BLESS the strangers, family member, or friend next to you? 

So I ask, are you conscious of your gifts? And, are you intentional about using them to bless? 

Get to it! Like today. 

We, as people who feel all sorts of emotion, need this. You, me, the young and the old. No one is lacking gifts, many are lacking using them to bless. No one is exempt from this need.

Giving our gifts if our own self-care. It really is a little backwards. We MUST self care to give, but giving is self-care. Think about it. 

Robbins goes on to say that a shift happens when we give to others. Like TRULY, we stop asking ourselves why everything ISN'T working. We see through a different lens and live for a different purpose. 

Can you relate? On a large scale, I was in an emotional drought many years ago. I packed up my bags and took off to live in Africa, alone. WHAT WAS I THINKING? 

Well, I had it right! It changed me, replenished, cleansed me, healed me. It was the best decision I ever made. 

It's not about packing up's about UNPACKING. 

I truly believe if we find ways to bless others, daily, the unpacking of our crap comes with ease. We change and the people in our circles change, too. 

Happiness = progress. 

Tony said it so clearly. JUST MAKE PROGRESS. That is happiness. 

Maybe this hit so close to home because I've been in a season of WHYYYYYYYYY???? I've been trying to figure life out when I realized I've been focusing so much on ME ME ME. So, do you think I'm typing for no good reason? 

Honestly, this is really scary. Sometimes I blog with such ease and frequency. Then I'm smacked the realities of life and I get scared. This takes vulnerability and well, balls, and NEWS FLASH, I don't got those. hehe. 

No really, this is one way I'm trying to give my gifts. I'm not sure how this little network began for me but if one person lands on this page and feels anything warm and fuzzy than my soul does a tap dance. 

But, sorry pals, let's be honest, this totally is about ME. It shifts me, challenges me, changes me by being vulnerable on this platform. My insides, my soul, my heart beats different every time I write. I often feel its my calling (doesn't mean its easy!) and it does googly things to me when I hit publish. 

God designed us ALL, to bless. 

Go bless in your own perfectly unique way and see what happens in that hungry heart of yours. 

I dare you. 

BLESSINGS my lovely little village. I need YOU more than you need me. Promise you that. 

Oh, and be stubborn about this. Because your LIFE is working. Quit doubting that. 

If you're interested in listening to the podcast, here ya go! 

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