May 2, 2016

Being your own Bully!

Ain't that the truth? Let's think about this.

Do you believe that?

My girls, do you ACTUALLY believe and nurture that?

Girls. How many moments do you think we spend wishing we were different, had their clothes, had that adorable kitchen we saw on pinterest, the better-dressed boyfriend, the happier relationship, thinner thighs, more pull ups, better hair, better job, more likes. I mean, the list continues.

Gag me.

It's really disturbing how hard we are on ourselves, how much energy we waste COMPARING, wishing, cursing, dreaming to be MORE.

This past year I've had enough space and alone time to recognize the areas that I compare or simply don't love and honor myself.

In fact, just this morning, as I stepped out of bed, I immediately made my way to my mirror to see if my stomach was flatter because we all know we feel the skinniest in the morning.

Really, Katie?

What's more disturbing is that I didn't like what I saw. In my eyes, it wasn't good enough and I immediately regretted the extra calorie intake yesterday.

It's embarrassing to admit, actually.

I struggle. I do.

I'm fighting feeling not good enough AGAIN??? Now I'm truly robbing myself of MORE joy because now I'm down on myself for not having better thoughts.

HOLY SHIT, does it ever end?!

It does.
We choose different.
And we celebrate!

I'm celebrating that fact red flags are raised as I struggle with self-love. Before, I didn't pay enough attention to the symptoms of my thoughts. They were ritual and I believed every one of them. I let the thoughts marinate so long that it was a part of my nature.

I believe the patterns begin as little girls, then teens, and adults.

I'm well aware its NOT just me.

Are you?

Now, although ill-thoughts still exist, the alarm goes off and tells my soul to WAKE UP.

Now THAT'S worth celebrating.

In that recent Lewis Howes podcast I listened to. Tony Robbins said, "its not failure if there is a lesson".

Yes, yes, and YES. 

Ladies, it's very human to be hard on ourselves. You have to ask yourself if its serving you or not. 

I'm not going to make the call for you, you have to step into your own truths and patterns.

I will, however, tell you that you are stunning underneath every insecurity, scary thought, and moment of envy and I think it's time you make a drastic change towards honoring the spontaneous and wicked awesome babe inside of you.

You are enough. You are SO enough.

If you are sick and tired of being your own bully, I beg you to spend time doing this. Write down two ugly thoughts that haunt you, RIGHT NOW.

UGH, fine I'll tell you mine even though I really REALLY don't want to. I guess that is a part of the vulnerability gig, right?

1. Liking my body
2. Feeling lonely

The purpose of writing these down is to bring awareness. It's preventative medicine to our soul- our soul that deserves luxurious and loving treatment. It's willingness to say to ourselves, "HEY! Stop being a f***ing bully!".

Beauties, do you realize the value in this?

We are so mean to ourselves. We've trained ourselves to make it acceptable. Then, we look to others for approval. We look, seek, and manipulate just to satisfy what can ONLY be satisfied between us and God.

It's not okay. Really.

The power comes when we invite how we want to feel and change our thoughts and behaviors as a gift to ourselves. 

It starts with awareness. So, write them down.

Let it soak in and voice I STRUGGLE with....

Let those red flags RAISE and lean in when they do. Find the lesson and the real truth.

You've got this, you badass beautiful bombshell.

PS: Let's OWN this Monday.


  1. Katie, Ive been a reader of yours for a couple years now but have never commented, but Im so glad I read this post this morning! Im getting married in less than 4 weeks and have been working on slimming down for my gown...for really no reason. I had my bachelorette weekend this past weekend and after tons of food and drinks...feel heavier. This morning when my tummy didn't feel as flat, it was like the worst thing in the world! But then I stopped and was like....WHY? Who am I even doing this for? I am comfortable with who I am, and my fiance loves me as I am, so WHY am I beating myself up!? I enjoyed my weekend damnit! And I'm going to look amazing on our day, because I feel amazing inside. So thank you for just reaffirming that for me. <3