May 27, 2016

Dear Ireland...

Oh, my little wildflower...

Happy 3rd birthday! I often can't believe I'm a mom, let alone YOUR mom. Ireland, you truly are lovely. Truly, truly, lovable and lovely.

Oh girl, mommy is a total mess writing this!

I'm trying to describe the feeling I have sitting down to write this. It's a mix of laughing at your silly jokes, tearing up because you brighten my world, and wanting to just bottle you up and keep you little forever.

Today, you fell asleep in my arms. I can count on less than one hand the amount of times you've done that in your toddler years. Your lips were perfectly puffed up and absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of when you were first born and those nights I held you in awe of your presence. Those were such precious moments. There is NOTHING like holding your newborn baby for the first time. Nothing like nursing your little infant in the middle of the night. While many moments with you have me completely in awe those moments are so tender. I was so honored to hold you while you slept today. The moment was perfect.

I'm your mama, protector, prayer warrior, friend, teacher, disciplinary, mistake-maker, and INFINITE giver of love to you. It's unconditional, my love.

Watching your brain work fascinates me. I'm amazed at what you soak up and your reasoning skills. Baby, it teaches me so much. Can I share something with you? Ireland, you teach me every day. You ALWAYS remind me of whats important in life. You always remind me of true love. You are my true love. You bring me back down to Earth and push me to keep dreaming. Even on the days I don't get to share with you, you overwhelm and consume my heart.

I don't imagine it will only be you and me forever but if it is you're enough! In your famous words, "It's just me and you, mom". I'll never forget these years of alone time we have. Ireland, we have a special bond and you're stronger than you know. I am beyond proud of the little girl you are.

Right when I'm struggling feeling like I could be a better mom, be more patient, more fun, more energetic, or more present, you seem to give me that extra hug or nudge of grace that makes me weep. How does your little heart always know when to grant that extra tenderness? You. amaze. me.

I know you're going to grow up. Sadly, it's inevitable. Hear me...I will always be here. You will always know where to find me.

You're perfect even amidst your imperfections. You're enough and you ALWAYS will be. Your spunk, your sass, your humor, your blue eyes, your heart, and your sweet little spirit has me one smitten kitten.

God truly did knit you together in my womb and my GOODNESS how eternally grateful I am for that. You are my blessing.

Stay wild and and in wonder, my wildflower.

Happy Third birthday, Ireland Grace.

A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck,


Every year Ireland and I do a photoshoot together for Mother's Day. These were taken by the lovely and talented AimleePhotography. She's a doll and her work is almost is lovely as she is. Almost.


I can't thank her enough for her willingness and love she gave. These mean so much to me. So much.

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