June 6, 2016

My FIRST live event Announcement!

Hi beauties. Are you ready to get risky and frisky?!

I want you. You and that starving heart of yours. I know that girl because I’ve been HER. 

You know, the impatient girl that is longing for connection and bored living the mundane. Unsure how to dream, what to dream, and god forbid make it happen. The girl that is chained by fear, insecure most days, and hanging on to toxic relationships. The girl that hates not being liked, is tired, stressed, and wildly emotional. The girl who wakes up wanting to take on the world but feels smacked in the face most days. The girl that is screaming to break the cycle of blah and step into her gifts and purpose but has no idea where to begin. The girl who always feels like life is happening “to her” and has a series of bad luck…

Yes, YOU. I want you, gorgeous!

So, what is this Risky and Frisky Event?

Listen closely! You show up at my house for FOUR girls nights to hang out with me! We will connect while we sip cocktails, eat yummy appetizers, and consume massive amounts of life-changing tools, resources, and best of all CONNECTIONS that we are all craving.

My dream is to transform your life and pump some blood back in to that bombshell body of yours! Self-love is the new thing—and I’m here to guide you to your own victory dance. 

Yes. Yes. HELL YES!

Girl, you are so powerful under all the layers of crap you’re hiding under. And. I. See. You. 

You are worthy of connection, to feel ALIVE, to shower the world with your creativity, and attack life with zest and LOVE. 

It is my dream to use my story, my life, and my vulnerability to kick your ass into a life of actually liking yourself and radiating a radical life that you are absolutely smitten with. Oh, and to have fun. Girls just want to have FUN!

Are you craving sisterhood and connection? Are you desperate to come alive and live your dream life? Are you risky enough to value your complexity and begin the steps to valuing your imperfect self? Do you LOVE cocktails and girls night?! Are you excited about investing into YOURSELF?

If you answered YES to any of those I’m inviting you into my story, my home, and my heart.

a soul-circle of risk-taking beauties willing to“girls night” our way into becoming the whole, confident, alive, and frisky souls we were created to be.

Who is this for?

This #riskyandfrisky event attracts those hungry to feel a pulse. This is for seekers, adventurers, and those willing to become risk-takers; you know those who feel terrified. You don’t have to be there yet…in fact…I don’t want you to be! We will take a look at your inner core and bring light to that darkness while EMBRACING the inner warrior that makes you the rockstar that you ALREADY are. I don't care about your marital status, how many kids you do or don't have, what color or race you are. If you have a vagina and are starving for MORE out of are MOST welcome. This is for those who can’t remember the last time that had GENUINE FUN. Girls! Let’s shed our shit and DO THIS!

And the best part?! There are surprises along the way for you! I’m so excited I could literally burst. LITERALLY. 

What to expect:

Well, anything really. Come open and ready…that’s it! 


You will end the 4 weeks with loads of books, quotes, action plans, a personal bomb ass manifesto, actionable goals, a circle of best friends, and BEST of all a new shiny spirit. And possibly a kitchen dance party, and well... I can't give away all the girly stuff! Trust me, it's a mix of all things lovely, fun, adventurous, and daring.

Take the risk, my darlings, you DESERVE it!

Here’s the breakdown!

Who: (you must have a vagina! Sorry gents.) ALL AGES WELCOME!
What: 4 girls nights with PURPOSE-your life will be changed! 
Where: mi casa, su casa
When: July 14th, July 21st, July 28th, and August 4th from 6-10ish pm
How: Click here to fill out an application and set up a phone interview! Or fill it out on the bottom of this post
Investment: $175.00

You’ve got it sisters! Girls night just got THAT much better. Join the circle!

I can’t wait to burst through my vulnerability walls and grow alongside you. This is an adventure and you need to know I’m ALL in. Questions? PLEASE ASK. If you’re ready to sign up, GREAT! It’s vital I know you’re ready to be all in, too. So fill out my application and you’ll be hearing from me shortly. 

Besos, my beauties!

ps: For those of you that thought my "big" announcement was me going on The Bachelor...I'm so sorry to disappoint. ha!

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