July 20, 2016

Gimme dat Glow!!!

Oh, hiiiiii there. I've been so wonderfully yet powerfully busy that I haven't just let my fingers go bonkers on the keyboard. And I missed it. So, I intentionally set this time for just that writing in a stream-of-consciousness. Goood lawd, watch out! You've been warned, toots.

I have no excuse to run from it which translates as YOU TALK ABOUT IT. Damn! Let's do it!

Lately, men, woman, family, strangers, and friends, have shared that my "glow" is contagious. They want more. And, they feel so happy for me. They are using words such as beauty, radiant, happy, glowing, and courageous. Who ME?!

I mean, dear reader,...don't you agree?

<insert gasps here>

HA! Beauty at its finest, if you ask me.



Okay, fine. I'll turn serious. Maybe. Here's what I gather in this big ol' heart of mine.

It's true!!! I imagine, when you have a change of heart on the INSIDE, your external begins to radiate. I imagine when your heart begins to love everything around you, forgiveness pours out, your mind processes, you FEEL, you deepen all conversations, you sleep better, you move, you pray and meditate, you teach others, you find connections, you mastermind, you say sorry, you challenge others, you LEAN in to feelings.

Y'all, an earthquake type shift on the internal changed the external for me. I imagine what people want more of is access to the same type of shift. All I can say is I was tired of muting feelings. I began to recognize that I was the creator of my life; including the good, the bad, and the painful.

I've never worked so willingly, yet so hard on understanding and loving myself. For me, all your lovely compliments lately are received with such deep love for you all. Keep praying. Keep leaning in. Keep creating and making space to feel. Keep connecting with people who turn you on.


Quit being a turd to yourself. Give yourself permission to have flaws, struggles, and shitty days. Go to bed and wake up early. Eat the chocolate. Move that ASS and exercise. Be super fucking silly. Mute the external and work on the internal. Every second of the day. Find love and intimacy within yourself. Talk to God, daily. Buy yourself flowers. Allow space for creativity. You are NOT a victim. Give your story, freely. Vulnerability is sexy. Talk dirty only to those who deserve that space. Call your girlfriends. Have a birthday party. Ask for help. Always say, How can I support you? Invest. Invest. Invest. Learn something new everyday. Listen to podcasts. Ask yourself, "what do I want to feel"? And do THAT. Wear lipstick. Buy new socks. Turn off the TV. Learn the stock market. Go to Disneyland. Love the plants. Listen to live music. Hold someone. Give. Give. And Give some more. Do not let a crappy day pass without a lesson in it. Be radically raw and honest. Teach people. Do what scares you. DREAM BIG. Worship creatively. Form your own opinion. Dance naked. Send the text. Hug, hug, and hug again. Talk to the clouds. Decorate your space. Sit in silence. Ride the coaster. Say sorry. And just love. Love everything and everyone around you.

Your external can't and won't glow when your internal is cloudy. You, and only you, hold that power. Trust God to give you the messages of how to be in motion.

Well, that's a wrap. I think I won't even edit, or re-read, just to stay in my flow.

Mad love to whoever reads this. I hope you feel my love from where ever you are in this very moment. Your life, your heart,  your dreams, they matter.

Don't you dare fucking forget that.


  1. I love what you said... give yourself permission to have flaws. Gosh I need to work on this!

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