July 28, 2016

San Diego Girls night Workshop!

Girls! This is for YOU to pump some purpose back into your life! Feel starving for connection? Have a hard time taking time for yourself? Long for connection with like-minded women? Want some purpose to find out who you are and where your swag went? Need practical ways to feel purposful? Want to feel fully seen and still loved? Girlfriend! I want that starving heart of yours. Join me this Sunday, gorgeous! I'm going to get all sorts of vulnerable! In three hours you will have the opportunity to connect, free yourself of past pain, and learn how to instantly add PURPOSE into your daily life. Listen. I know that it feels like to have a starving heart...I see you because I've BEEN her. Not too long ago I was fetal position on the floor SOBBING my eyes out with overwhelm. All in one month I signed divorce papers, gave away my pup, shared custody for the first time, sold my home, and had to find a full time job. I've gone from victim to viking and it's my MISSION in life to help women JUST LIKE YOU who simply crave MORE. It's a safe place and I am so READY to squeeze you. Feel that little tug? Listen. You and only you can create and control your happy radar. But you aren't alone, sister! See you in Sunny San Diego for a night that could change your life! Besos! 

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See you there, pretties!