August 5, 2016

Goddess Gatherings

Hi Gorgeous! You asked, I delivered! This past workshop series was a HUGE success! We had anywhere from 5-25 woman show up weekly to invest and nourish their SOULS. My goal was 5 and it was FAR surpassed. You guys, I am SO insanely thankful.

And I'll be transparent about my goal...6 months from now I want 30 girls EVERY Thursday ready to take on the WORLD. I'm going to give you all my energy and all my vulnerability and I ASK you to join me. Life is better as a tribe! (and this can replace those counseling visits!)

Here is what I learned. THERE IS A NEED. There are countless of starving hearts out there. Countless of hearts that want to not only connect but GROW and EXPAND. And I've got the tools and mission behind it to make it happen. Girls night has never been more necessary!

LADIES. This is just scratching the surface of my mission here on Earth. Which is to invite people to be FULLY seen and FULLY loved. Humans need connection, bottom line. And all the little details of my story has led me to be a vessel in this space. It brings me TEARS to watch this unfold.

With no further ado...(is that how you type that?!) I will be hosting Goddess Gatherings EVERY Thursday. Girls, the results speak for themselves!

Here's the break down!

Your first class is FREE! From there on out workshops are $30.00. This includes 3 hours of guided meditations, lessons, connection, speakers, worksheets, you name it!

It really is how committed YOU are to improving your life, growing, and adding purpose. I can't MAKE you...I can only guide you along, sister!

This really isn't about me. How READY are you to change your life?!

(and how ready are you for occasional dance parties, healing, and mind + body + soul upgrades?!)

I know I can help...and gorgeous it's an HONOR to watch you bloom.

Next workshop starts Thursday! Click the picture below to purchase your tickets for future workshops but this week is on me! All you have to do is same I'M IN and show up! ALL MY LOVE!!!

And please share so we can collectively grow this tribe of beautiful souls!


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